Charisma Bethel Children's Home
Children of Charisma Bethel Children's Home

Support is primarily needed at this time for completion of the Atlantis Housing Project, although funds can be designated for other needs the orphanage has (sponsorship or general funds).

Donations for CBCH are being received by Hands On Foundation, a Colorado-registered organization that is one of the many ministry charity projects of WaterStone (formerly Charities Support Foundation).

Donations made by check should be made payable to WaterStone with "Hands On Foundation #7507" written in the memo. Ninety-two percent (92%) of funds submitted are remitted to CBCH with the balance of 8% applied to administrative costs on the part of WaterStone. Donors will receive a tax receipt from WaterStone. Checks may be mailed to:

WaterStone, Inc.
2925 Professional Place, Suite 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80904-8136

Hands On Foundation is a Ministry Charity Project of WaterStone Support Foundation, Inc., TID #84-1430063. All contributions are irrevocable gifts under the direction and control of the WaterStone Board of Directors but will be restricted for the general purposes of the Ministry Charity Project (Hands On Foundation).

Enquiries can be made to:
+1 970 447 4620

Cash donations can be dropped off for Hands On Foundation at:

SDG Resources
1083 E. Pavilion Place
Montrose, CO 81401

All donations will be acknowledged, no matter how submitted. Thank you for your help!


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