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Video Introduction. Here you can find the short flash video introduction to Charisma Bethel Children's Home.

The Montrose Fundraiser. See some pictures and find out what you missed at the recent Montrose fundraiser at the Holiday Inn Express.

Dear Edwina Junior, the musical. Don't miss this fun, hilarious musical that the awesome kids at Rocky Mountain International Academy are putting on to benefit the orphans at Charisma Bethel Children's Home.

Home Page. Here you'll find the introduction (in text) of the Charisma Bethel Children's Home.

The Children. Here you'll find pictures and information on the children in the orphanage.

The Staff. Here you'll find information on the caring staff who make things happen in the orphanage.

CBCH Background. This provides background information on Charisma Bethel Children's Home itself.

CBCH Location. Do you want to know where Charisma Bethel Children's Home is? Click on the link to find out!

Atlantis. Find out what the new orphanage project entails and how you can help!

Helping People to Help Themselves. This organization was responsible for purchasing Atlantis, among other humanitarian efforts in the Philippines.

The Current Structure. The Atlantis project involves the renovation of the building shown on this page.

Architect's Rendering of Atlantis. An architect has drawn what the newly-completed Atlantis structure should look like, seen on this page. Also you will find a floor plan for Atlantis.

Atlantis Floor Plan. This is the desired floor plan for the newly-renovated Atlantis structure.

The Cost of Atlantis. Here you can find a cost breakdown for the Atlantis renovation. Note that it will only cost US$8 per square foot. This is a steal!

The Cost of Atlantis. Find a copy of the cost breakdown in Portable Document Format (Adobe *.pdf). View it! Print it! Take it to your friends and have them buy dozens of square feet of renovation for Atlantis! For the price of a MacDonald's Big Mac, you can take a mcChunk out of the renovation costs!

Send Support. Here you can find information how to send us funds for completing the Atlantis project.

Child Sponsorship. You can find information here on sponsoring a child or multiple children from the orphanage into loving and caring Filipino families.

Contact Information. If you would like more information from a human being, you can contact the CBCH director or some people in North America who will endeavor to provide you with whatever information you desire.

Marilou Navarro. Find out more about CBCH's amazing founder and director.

Jeff Eichhorn. Find out more about an American who has fallen in love with the kids at CBCH.

Shane Duckworth. Find out more about a Canadian who has fallen in love with the kids at CBCH.


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