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Jeff Eichhorn

Jeff Eichhorn

Jeff first learned of Charisma Bethel Children's Home (CBCH) in 2005 through his best friend and now fiancée, Estrellita Labrador, who lives and works in Surigao City and who volunteers her time working with the orphans at CBCH. In 2006, Jeff acted as a field agent for the Charities Support Foundation to oversee and report on how a donation of US$2,000 to CBCH was used. Through two visits to the orphanage, Jeff has been inspired to be a voice and advocate for the children in the United States.

Jeff lives in western Colorado where he makes a living from his cows in the cattle business as an embryologist. His two beautiful teenage daughters assist him with fundraising efforts for CBCH. Jeff regularly attends a non-denominational home church. His passion for helping those in need led to the founding of Hands On Foundation in 2004.


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