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Raising Atlantis 2008

A second benefit evening was held in Montrose, Colorado, USA, on 30 May 2008 at the Montrose Pavilion by Hands On Foundation. The evening was a fantastic Montrose introduction to Filipino culture, as many kids and adults from the community (both American and Filipino) came together to perform traditional dances and songs. These included Tinikling, an energetic dance where Filipino ladies gracefully dodge bamboo poles clacking together in time with the music. As with last year, everyone who attended received a free meal catered by Panda Palace and were given opportunity to bid on hundreds of items from both abroad and local.

Contributions from that evening were on the order of $12,000, which were immediately forwarded to the orphanage.

What made this fundraiser so special was the intense community involvement required to make this happen, including months of practice on the part of a score of families. Thank you once again for your attendance and your support!

The kids performed a dance timed with castanets which had been hand-made by a Filipino pastor at the orphanage.

The adults performed a Filipino dance called Itik Itik, which simulates the graceful movements of a duck and has become a popular festival folk dance.

The kids and adults performed several songs together.

The evening was well-attended and interest in the Filipino handicrafts made by the orphans ran high.

A local artist/illuminist, Robert Kevin Meyers, donated several orginal paintings and prints to benefit the orphans at Atlantis.

The local newspaper, the Montrose Daily Press, was kind enough to attend our dress rehearsal and report the function on the front page of the paper.

The first American benefit evening/dinner was held in Montrose, Colorado, USA, on 27 April 2007 at the Montrose Holiday Inn Express for Raising Atlantis. The event was an elegant evening of food, music, and Filipino culture and was a smashing success!

Silent Auction

The evening featured a free dinner catered by Panda Palace, a silent auction, dancing and singing by local Filipinos (and two white guys!), and lots of information on Charisma Bethel Children's Home and Atlantis.

Candle Dance

The silent auction included handicrafts made by the orphans, native Filipino handicrafts, and items donated by local businesses.

During Dinner

The approximately 130 people who attended generously gave over US$15,000 that night alone! Maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po!!! (Thank you very, very much!) Other donations continue to be mailed in.

Below are the sponsors (local and not-so-local) which generously gave to make the evening a success.

Buckhorn Geotech

Really Nice Stuff

Robert Meyers - The Gallery of Light

Panda Palace

Christmas House Bed & Breakfast

Dan Clader, DDS - Colorado Smiles

Motley Architecture & Design

Olathe Producers' Coop

Olathe Bank of Colorado

Montrose Implement & Motorsports

Montrose Community Staffing Services

Black Canyon Kiwanis Club

Mountain View Winery

Rocky Mountain International Academy

DeVinny Jewelers

Montrose County 4-H

Kingdom Builders Network

Montrose Holiday Inn Express

Chilis Grill & Bar



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