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The name conjures images of greatness, advancement, discovery, hope...but also fear, tragedy, destruction...

In the context of the Charisma Bethel Children's Home, it means the hope of a new and brighter beginning.

The current location of Charisma Bethel Children's Home is at the foot of a mountain that recently experienced a landslide. This landslide crossed the road approximately 100 meters from the orphanage and has forced the closure of the neighboring elementary school. The local government has advised the orphanage to relocate.

An American from Hawaii was introduced to the orphanage (Mr. Scott Holmes) shortly after this landslide and was so moved by the plight of the CBCH orphans that in mid-2006 he, through his organization (Helping People to Help Themselves) purchased an approximate 4.5-acre parcel of land south of Surigao City with an existing 9,090 square foot concrete structure for the orphanage. He named the project Atlantis Housing Progam.

The acreage is perfect for the orphanage, as it is in a geologically safe area, and lends itself to the livelihood programs that the orphanage has undertaken to teach the children valuable skills and provide some support for itself.

While the location, property, and structure are perfect for the orphanage, the structure is only partially complete. The renovation has a projected US$70,000 price tag to allow occupancy. Although this is a lot of US dollars, it represents completion costs of less than US$8 per square foot, approximately 10% of what it costs to complete residential structures in Colorado.

An architect's rendering of the completed building shows what the orphanage will look like once completed.

The architect's cost analysis for renovation can be seen here.


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